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7 Things a Bride MUST Budget For while shopping

7 Things a Bride MUST Budget For while shopping

With the excitement of getting married, we often forget that getting married can be costly enough. Being the bride means going all grand and lavish on your shopping in an attempt to look the best. It is true that it is your big day and you have to look the best. So keep a calm mind while you are shopping because otherwise you may actually end up forgetting to shop for some important stuff. Or worse, they may become over your wedding budget.

7 Things a Bride MUST Budget For while shopping

To forget about your budget and shop freely, you need to include all things in your budget first. There are some things a bride always tends to forget to include in her budget. Some of these things are:

  1. Honeymoon clothing: Every bride wants to look prefect on her honeymoon.  A bride also almost always forgets to budget for the lingerie she wants to buy for her honeymoon. In Desi households these are done in such a hush, hush manner that you might not even realize that you forgot to include it in your budget – because the budget is not much of a secret. Everyone knows that you need to buy party wear no one knows you need the lingerie too. One tends to overspend on these things because they are not well planned before. The best thing is to keep a personal sheet for all the things you need to buy and include the post wedding clothes purchase in that list too.
  2. Gifts for him: You and your hubby are going to give each other a special gift and it is just between the two of you. You have that at the back of your mind, yet when it comes down to the purchase, you find yourself lacking a budget. Identify what you want to give them for your special day and be very specific about it. Including it in your budget would actually give you a great peace of mind – because after all it comes down to the two of you. You will also not spend a great deal trying to make up for the lack of budget.
  3. The proxy wedding dress: So almost every girl has that “ideal” wedding dress sorted out much before the actual day. But you should plan what are the different wedding dress you can wear in your wedding wisely.We know what we are going to wear and we are pretty sure about their prices so we think we can avoid budgeting. But what if your ideal wedding dress isn’t available for some reason? You have to buy something else. How much are you willing to spend total on your clothes? It could also happen that what you think was available at lower price is now twice the cost. Will you still be willing to buy it? It is best to get practical and make a budget. It will sort things out and put a big portion of your worries to rest.
  4. Dresses for various functions: This is a very common mistake made by would be brides. They often end up spending a lot on dresses for ladies Sangeet and reception rather than for the main event. You think that your wedding dress should be the one that you budget for, but that is not so. There are thousands of other things and the bride is always expected to dress for all functions from the engagement to the reception. Carefully select what you want to be wearing on these days and keep a budget tab on these things so you don’t go about overspending on clothes for these things.
  5. Jewelry: Do you want a tikli or you don’t? Do you want to have a big ear piece or a small but one that compliments your clothes? Many people go overboard with these things. While it is expected to buy big pieces of jewelries, the best thing is to know what exactly the material that you want is – and then budget around it. For example, do you want a diamond necklace or a gold one? How many necklaces or ear rings will be enough? Think what you want and then create a very tight budget around it. You can also divide your jewelries according the events – for example, you will wear a fixed number of things on your Sangeet and something else in the reception. Make a single budget to gather all of these. Also check the ups and downs of the pries for gold in the market so you can make a more informed purchase. Above all, I must say you should not forget buy SATLADA jewelry.
  6. Shoes: Not going to the shoe store with a budget thinking that shoes will not take up a bunch of your cost, is a mistake. Wedding shoes are lavish and when you visit the store you will definitely be tempted to buy the best. So what do you do when you find gorgeous pairs of lacs of rupees in front of you? If you don’t have a budget you might end up making the mistake of purchasing them when you could have done away very well with shoes of a lesser price. Many brides have purchased really expensive shoes and then regretted it later. Don’t make the same mistake. Zardosi shoes are good option to wear. Make a proper shoe budget and keep your expenses in check.
  7. Her fitness regime: As your wedding approaches you are tempted to enroll yourself in the gym to get that perfectly toned body. You are willing to spend thousands of bucks to tone your thighs or to make your chin look thinner. Nowadays there are so many packages that it is natural to lose sight of what you really want. So before you buy into that, stop to think whether you really need to spend that large an amount on those things. Brides often tend to overspend on these things – especially the closer they are to D-Day. Keep this on your tab too and make sure that you never overspend here. 
  8. Above all I must say you should the the things you can buy or you can rent
Serial no. Things brides need to consider Why budgeting for them is important
1 Honeymoon clothing Brides tend to shop for them at the very last moment and then they end up spending more and even get lesser discounts on them. This is why it is important to keep a budget for these.
2 Gifts for him Brides don’t have a clear picture of what they would like to gift him and this causes them to go overboard and spend more. Budgeting is essential.
3 The proxy wedding dress If the bride knows the price of her chosen wedding dress, there is still a chance that it goes over her estimate. Keep a budget so that you can buy the best product within your means.
4 Dresses for various occasions Brides forget that apart from the wedding the Sangeet, the engagement and the reception are the functions they have to look their best in. This is why it is important to keep them in account while fixing your clothes’ budget.
5 Jewelry Jewelries are a major part of the shopping budget. Know exactly what jewelries you want or distribute the jewelries according to the events and make a single budget for all of them.
6 Shoes Shoe stores often have wide range of items that the brides can shop from. The wedding shoes can be embellished and engraved – and their prices will differ. Don’t let the shine make you spend more than you usually would. Make a budget and stick to it religiously.
7 Her fitness regime Nowadays there are so many beauty packages available that a bride may naturally find herself spending on things she otherwise wouldn’t. Having a budget would solve this problem.

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